Our vision is to " be the solution " for companies providing a variety of information for making better hiring & tenant screening decisions. Assisting you to provide the level of automation and simplicity your clients expect... is our main daily objective

Utilize our latest Web based system EZyCHECK tm

A company's business strategy is unique and can change instantly. Epic Concepts offers a stair step approach to help manage the level of involvement you choose.

Distributor Opportunity!
Be part of a winning team to offer and provide employment screening reports to a wide variety of companies. Distribute the most easy to use and powderful software available today that helps your customers hire the best applicants with the least amount of energy.

"Private Label" Distributor
Private labeling personalizes your business with 100% .NET Web access.

The EZyCHECK System, reports & invoices are all private labeled with your company name and address to make this system your own. It processes all reports for your company while creating the name recognition for your customers. Clients send payments directly to you. No concerns about the In-house system or staff to manage the server, backups and Internet connections, we do it all! System allows clients to communicate directly to your business, so you have total control of your accounts. View reports and field your own customer service calls at a moments notice without compromise.

EZyCHECK handles the ordering, processing, delivering and invoicing. It provides the necessary forms that are needed to comply with the FCRA. You sublicense the technology and distribute to clients and field researchers as your business dictates. We provide Sales and Marketing training if desired to help you close the quality accounts with minimal effort. Great for small and entry level businesses.

Why reinvent the wheel? Automated interfaces to the credit repositories and an MVR source at no extra charge. Reports may be outsourced to our wholesale division, at a reduced wholesale price but is not mandatory. This translates into greater margins with ultimate control. The interfaces with data sources virtually creates a back office atmosphere where you can outsource data retrieval at the level that best meets your companies philosophy whether its our wholesale division or the vendor of your choice. We manage the data center so you can focus on your clients and their needs. The many tools we provide help you succeed.

Handle large volumes of requests and manage your operation with less manpowder and expense. Process all report types with ease. This is a 3rd generation Web based system designed to offer the flexibility to run your business, your way. Use your own field agents or route request to an internal to do list. Established businesses qualify for discounts through a tiered volume pricing structure. The system is designed to accommodate high level, aggressive high growth companies. Also, EZyCHECK has been integrated with many of the industries most trusted vendors.

Tools for the information age! Offer your clients custom packages. Edit all reports the way you prefer. Manage your system while reducing your overhead to process information in a competitive environment at the lowest cost possible.

Ask how EZyCHECK can expand your business.