Privacy policy

It is the policy of Epic Concepts, to treat each and every background report order as a consumer report as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Any company requesting an employment background report must have a written authorization. Federal law requires the "Consumer Reports Notification" be issued to the applicant along with obtaining a signed release. Privacy is a serious matter! We at Epic Concepts follow the guidelines that protect all parties involved. The Fair Credit Reporting Act demands that all such reports be kept Confidential. The company ordering and the Consumer Reporting Agency preparing the report are accepting their full responsibility regarding Confidentiality. We utilize a online Software System containing secure encryption. Additionally, we have the capability to block each report required by law or by that sources discretion. These report types will be delivered in an alternate approved method that complies with each entities guideline. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently recommended new legislation to further protect the rights of the applicant (consumer). Reference our Links section. It requires the applicant's written authorization for any background report that includes Social Security number, former names, date of birth, and former addresses. Nearly all orders for pre-employment background reports require the above fore mentioned criteria. Epic Concepts strongly supports this FTC legislation so we require every employee to sign Non-Disclosure Confidentiaity Agreements. The privacy rights of every job applicant need protection and deserve full support in this legislative process. To meet the current federal requirements for investigative pre-employment background reports, Epic Concepts, as a matter of policy, demands the applicant's authorization signature be obtained for each order and retained according to FCRA guidelines. All employees at Epic Concepts are required to maintain ConfidentiaITY. This is a brief description of Epic Concepts policy regarding very important issues in this industry. It is not a full legal discussion of the FCRA, EEOC, ADA, or other federal, state, or local laws regarding this subject.